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SAM is a Japanese trading company, established in 1989, specializing in the distribution of selected machine tools, components made by metal injection-moulding (MIM) and a range of consumables serving various industries.
Our range of components and consumables includes the following products:

These venting plugs were developed as an economic solution for low pressure casting of aluminium and also for other casting processes and materials.
The automotive industry is the largest user of GH-VENT products.
SAM Corporation is the general export sales agent for GH-VENT.
We have satisfied customers not only in Japan but also in the United States, Germany, Mexico and China and in a number of other countries.
GH vent
The major customer benefits of GH-VENT include superior durability and ease of replacement. GH-VENT plugs are manufactured by full use of special technology.
They come in a variety of diameters, lengths, slot sizes and shapes.

The main features and advantages of the reasonably priced GH-VENT venting plugs.
A wide range of shapes (straight and tapered) and slot sizes between 0.1 and 0.3 mm are available, to meet specific user requirements. The standard range of diameters extends from 2.5 to 20 mm. Extra sizes are available on request.
GH-VENT are produced from stainless steel and are therefore not subject to corrosion.
This allows the application of high temperatures and a very long service life, thus minimizing production downtime.

The knurled circumference allows GH-VENT plugs to be replaced quickly andeasily.

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SAM is able to provided many MIM products, endoscope for medical treatment and industrial use, fiber optical connector frames and optical fiber amplifiers, medical parts of syringes, key parts, camera parts, gear parts and so on.
example of MIM products


MIM can mass-produce easily even complex three dimension from which is difficult for mechanical processing because of using injection molding.
Cost efficiency
MIM process is acheaved remarkable cost down due to free design-ability, less process, lightweight and unifying parts.MIM system
High mechanical properties
Sintering to near full density gives excellent toughness, elongation and other dynamic properties.

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This organic cleaning agent with amazing cleaning power can be used for a variety of purposes. It thoroughly removes deposits of carbonised or jellied deposits of plastic material on metal surfaces, without leaving scratches.
ALLESKLAR cleaning compound is a master batch which is mixed to the plastic resin in a 5% - 95% proportion. It can be used for a processing temperature range of  between 150 and 430°C.
ALLESKLAR compound becomes liquid at 130°C and does not leave any traces after use.

before purge
after purge
ALLESKLAR can be used to clean screws and cylinders, mould hot-runners, nozzles, gear pumps and other metal components entering in contact with molten plastic resins. It can also be used for purging screw cylinders and for facilitating colour changes during production. In this context recycled material can be used which helps to reduce resin waste.

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This high-quality cleaning agent works on the principle of ionization converting hard water into soft water, thus maximizing washing power. It does not contain any hazardous chemicals allowing safe operation.
ECOECO CLEANER is supplied in form of powder. This provides easier and safer transportation and storage than that of the traditional liquid products. Disposal of the empty container is not a problem. The dilution ratio is 1 : 400. With 250 grams of powder 100 litres of cleaning solution (hot or at room temperature) can be obtained.
The diluted solution keeps its full efficiency for about one year if not exposed to direct sun light.
ECOECO CLEANER does not contain any hazardous chemicals. Safe application is guaranteed. The solution is of the decomposition type. No neutralizer is required when discharged into the water.
ECOECO CLEANER decomposes and removes insects, vegetal waste, mineral oils and fat by osmotic pressure. If applied to metals the anti-corrosive effect is confirmed.
The solution can be rinsed off easily after application.

Two types of this high quality cleaning agent are available.

ECOECO CLEANER BLUE has been developed for a wide range of heavy duty industrial and marine applications, including the following:eco cleaner Blue
 Cleaning the inside of cooling tower pipes.
Cleaning factory and machine shop floors.
 Washing parts made from aluminium, stainless steel, iron and cast iron.
 Cleaning oil-water separators, superchargers, filters, etc.
 Removing oil and carbon particles from engine parts.
 Cleaning fins and filters of air conditioners.
 Cleaning grease traps of food processing plants.
 Cleaning grease-stained iron grids at BBQ restaurants.

eco cleaner Green
ECOECO CLEANER GREEN has been developed for all-round use in offices, homes, shops, etc.

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